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Timing and Results

The Cameco Cowboy Tough is timed using the SportIdent ePunch system. This provides accurate times between checkpoints, ensures the safety of competitors by tracking their location along the course, and allows near real-time updates for family and friends following the progress of their teams. ePunch sticks will be provided to each team during check-in.


We will be using GPS tracking devices for team tracking during the event and posting regular updates to our social media sites. Your cheering squad will be able to follow your progress on an online map that will update your position frequently.

Each team is issued a Yellow Brick (YB) satellite tracker at the start line. The tracker MUST go in the top of a race pack and have clear view of sky. Be especially careful on paddle legs that the tracker is sitting in a position on the boat with clear view of sky. Teams will receive a briefing on how to use the YB tracker in the event of an emergency.

Race organizers can send messages to your YB tracker. Ensure you check your messages twice daily--at sunrise and sunset. If you lose any of your tracking devices, you will be subject to a time penalty and must pay for a replacement.

Teams are also issued a much smaller GPRS tracker, transmitting at 5-minute intervals when in mobile phone

reception areas.


Emergency Communications (YB Device)

Each team will have access to emergency communication through their assigned Yellow Brick device. Instructions for use will be provided. Using the YB for non-medical emergencies may result in a time penalty.

Withdrawing from the Race
  • Move to nearest TA and inform Race Officials.

  • If one team member withdraws but the remainder of the team wishes to continue as an unranked team of 3, the team must get permission from the race director.

  • If a team member withdraws and needs ongoing care/support, your team will NOT be permitted to continue.

  • Some remote areas are helicopter access only. You (or your insurance) must pay for this flight.

  • If you require hospitalization you and your team are responsible for this ongoing support.

  • For nonemergency withdrawal, it may take a number of days to get you back to Casper.

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