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Group Time Slots
August 8th - Team check-in and pick up bibs at staging area

2:30 pm - Group 1 - Bisons
2:40 pm - Group 2 - Antelopes
2:50 pm - Group 3 - Rattlers
3:00 pm - Group 4 - Grizzlies
3:10 pm - Group 5 - Bighorns

August 9th - Gear Check and Skills Test

10:00 am - Group 1 - Bisons
11:00 am - Group 2 - Antelopes
Noon - Group 3 - Rattlers
1:00 pm - Group 4 - Grizzlies
2:00 pm - Group 5 - Bighorns

During this gear check and skills test you will complete the following:
Team check-in - Pick up SWAG, show proof of nationality, pay USARA fees, and if necessary, complete any outstanding paperwork.
Take a ropes skills test. (Bring all your mandatory ropes gear.)
Check in your paddle gear. (Bring all your paddle gear.  Your pack raft will need to go through an AIS inspection.)
Check in your gear bin. Bins will be weighed and checked they are closed with zip ties. All gear bins must be checked in by 4:30 pm on August 9th.
Check in your bike and bike box.  Your bike should be packed in your box with any additional gear you think you will need. Bike boxes will be weighed as they are checked in.
Weigh in with medical team and review medical procedures. (Bring your mandatory medical kit.)
Review trackers and how to place for best signal and use in an emergency.



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