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Most of the mandatory equipment  is required to help you complete the course safely in the event you have an emergency or mechanical issue. Usually the longer the race and the more time you spend on the course, the more equipment you need. The mandatory gear also plays an important part of our overall safety plan for the event. Please note that the gear list is subject to change as details are finalized. See table on the Race Logistics page for more information.

Team Uniforms

Teams are strongly encouraged to wear a team uniform throughout the race including matching race clothing.

Supplied Gear

Adventure Enablers will provide race maps, ePunch, race passport, list of rules, helmets for the ropes section, ropes, canoes and equipment for team challenges.

Mandatory Gear

On August 9 all teams must attend a gear check. Spot checks will also take place on the course. Any team missing items of mandatory gear will be subject to time penalties and/or disqualification. All mandatory gear is required to ensure racers have the proper equipment to safely complete the course.

The mandatory gear list can be found at the end of this document. Two additional items to the mandatory gear list specific to this event include bear spray and zip ties. 
We have arranged to have bear spray in stock at the Casper business Gear Up and Get Out There (254 W 1st Street, Casper, WY 82601, phone 307-235-6353). It will cost about $50 for one can or $80 for two cans (you could cost share with another team and split the double pack). If you mention you are with the race, they will give you 10% off any regular priced item in the store, including the bear spray.

Recommended Gear

The mandatory gear list is considered minimal equipment. You will need additional equipment to be able to successfully complete the race. We also suggest sunglasses, bug spray, sunblock, waterproof map case, map bag for race map and passport, pen for plotting, scale tool, change of clothes, multiple pairs of socks, bedroll, and tent.

First Aid Kit

You will need to bring your own first aid kit as part of your mandatory gear. We recommend the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight .7 ( This has all the required medical supplies. Medical support will be available at the main TAs.

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